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24 May 10 VA Home Mortgage Loan Co the Featured VA Lender

For the past ten years VA Home Mortgage Loan Lenders has been dedicated to financing veteran homeowners. The VA lender specializes in offering VA home mortgages to qualified military personnel and veterans for home buying and refinancing. These military home loans provide lower interest rates and monthly payments than other traditional loans.   With their 100% financing offers, the company has extended their no money down mortgage program to veterans in all 50 states.  We provide VA lending incentives that are extended to military personnel and veterans looking to purchase a new home or refinance the rate of an existing loan.  VA home loans remain the only program left that allows no-money-down loans while providing a home loan option insured and guaranteed by the Veterans Affairs Department.  VA Home Mortgage Loan Co has hired a team of talented VA loan professionals is excited to help you to lock in low VA rates and take advantage of the unique opportunity provided through VA Home loan Company.


23 May 10 California VA Loan Incentives

Military veterans in California are being offered unique lending incentives on VA mortgage loans. On Friday the VA Home Mortgage Loan Co. announced a new VA loan program with discounts for military veterans residing in California.  The VA mortgage incentives are in an effort to honor California military appreciation.  At that time, military personnel and veterans are being honored for their courageous service and contributions to the history of the California military.  The VA loan incentives should help military families save thousands of dollars with reduced closing costs for VA refinance and purchase mortgages.  The discounts will also be extended on the VA streamline refinance program.

Any California VA home loan closed by California military personnel and veterans during the military appreciation promotion will have underwriting and processing fees waived. This reduced cost VA loan offer should save borrowers at least $1,500. This VA mortgage promotion is only available to military personnel and veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces.  Underwriting and processing fees are standard lending costs for most refinance loan transactions, but for the next 30 days, California military families can save by not having to pay for these traditional closing costs.

VA Home Mortgage Loan wants to show his gratitude for the military and their service, particularly those in California.  According to California VA lender, “We have always had great VA borrowers in California,” Tom Howard said. “This offer should save California military families money and hopefully present a new opportunity to purchase a home or refinance during these difficult times.”  VA mortgage rates have been at record lows in 2010, but these incentives won’t last much longer.

In San Diego there are close to 50,000 active troops stationed on military bases.  California homeowners can take advantage of the offer by visiting VA Home Mortgage Loan Co. online.  “Our goal is to give a little back to the troops by providing them a new opportunity to purchase a house or refinance their existing mortgage into a more affordable home loan.”