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02 Dec 08 100% VA Home Loans

VA home loan financing provides many financial benefits to military veterans.  The VA home purchase mortgage is the last known 100% home loan, so it allows veterans to preserve their capital.  No money down enables vets to save money or invest more into their families.   VA mortgage rates are low and in most cases, the borrower can get a mortgage with discounted lending costs.  VA home loans do have a .5% funding fee, but unlike FHA home loans, there with no monthly mortgage insurance.

The other nice feature is that in most cases, VA home loans are significantly easier to qualify for as compared to a conforming home loan.  With most VA mortgage lenders, credit scores are not a factor in lending approval.

VA Home Loan Financing Benefits:

  • No Down Payment,
  • No Minimum credit requirements,
  • No Monthly Mortgage Insurance
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Government Guaranteed

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